• Provide training in de-escalation techniques & restrictive interventions
  • Improve knowledge, confidence and insight for healthcare providers, safety staff and other support personnel serving the healthcare sector
  • Coach healthcare providers, safety staff and support personnel to cope better


  • To promote safety and reduce risk of harm in healthcare settings
  • To raise the standard of both patient and staff experiences at hospitals across South Africa

Dr Marié Venn

Dr Marié Venn is a medical doctor with 9 years of experience leading acute psychiatric care at a district, public service hospital in Cape Town. During this time she worked closely with nurses, security and auxiliary personnel on a daily basis. There was a distinct and urgent need for improvement in communication skills, de-escalation tactics and insight. She initiated and implemented an after-hours de-escalation training and support programme for hospital security guards. Conquer Crisis is a focused continuation of her early interventions.