Security guards trained
Healthcare workers trained
Admin staff trained

“Very interesting and informative course. Course should be highly recommended to all working in all government departments”

“Very friendly and informative training, facilitator was very comfortable with answering questions and listening to comments”

“Wish all my colleagues could do this course”

“This was an excellent training session and very vital to everyday life”

“This course is highly recommended to non-medical staff also”

“Ive learned so much and will definitely try to approach my patients with a different manner – more positive!”

“Would be a good idea if most healthcare workers are able to attend this course…self-care and professional ethics is very useful, we always taking care of others and we forget to look after ourselves”

“What I’ve learn a lot is its not just about the patient but me as well”

“Well-planned. Aims well presented and clearly threaded through each presentation. Practical examples very relevant with strategies that can be immediately implemented. Excellent course”

“Thank you so much – time well spent. Excellence in everything. Thank you for hearing us in a good dignity manner and respect”

“Thank you for a wonderful course – Ive certainly learned a lot”

“Facilitator was excellent! Well prepared!”

“Great training session, thank you!”

“I enjoyed the workshop and I learned a lot about how to handle a difficult client. Thank you Management for organizing this workshop. I wish to come again next time!”

“Great course: This helps us (admin) view and relook difficult situations differently… now knowing we can help patients and be mindful regarding the working environnment”

“I enjoyed the training – It was good not only for our workplaces but families also”

“What I’ve learn a lot is its not just about the patient, but me as well”

“Now I have a better understanding on how to manage a difficult patients”

“I feel empowered. Very applicable and relevant.”  Ronet Louwrens, Nursing Professional

“Very insightful, makes one feel more confident to resolve situations.” Danielle Wittstock-Ahmed, Nursing Professional

“Well presented, understandable, good energy!” Shahieda Anderson, Nursing Professional

“I highly recommend Dr. Marié Venn’s training course for the management of difficult clients.  Our team found the course content to be informative, applicable, user friendly and practical.  The course presentation was professional, yet there was lots of room for interaction, participation, fun and team building!  Any team working with difficult/aggressive clients/patients would find his short course extremely valuable and a great tool to improve the quality of provided services. Thank you!”  Belinda  Campher, Hospital Manager

“Fantastic course that every healthcare professional, educator, or person working with other people who may be at risk, must do! To improve and have more tools in your toolbox!” Cayley Lewin, Occupational Therapist

“This course will provide you with the steps to confidently de-escalate an intensifying situation.” Jodi Tromp, Clinical Psychologist

“Very useful, these are challenges I am faced with every day in the ward and now I have tips on how to manage these situations and challenges.” – Cassandra Janse van Rensburg

“It educated us how to deal with aggressive patients and tactics to handle the situations.”
– Zandisile Sitshongo

“Taught me how to deal with different situations. I wish all staff can attend this training.”
– Nokuthula Mohapi

“A very informative training session. The skill I will use the most is de-escalation techniques. I will also read up and practise mindfulness more often.” – Cassandra Cloete

“I enjoyed the quiz and the new knowledge I got today”

“I enjoyed it because I get lots of experience. I found that if you talk with a patient you must not shout.”

“The skill I will use the most is to be a skilful guide bringing others alongside me.”

“I know more now.”

“I learnt how to manage a fight.”

“I learnt the importance of sleep.”

“I learnt respect for patients.”

“I learnt new things, and now know how to speak to others.”

“I learnt about how to communicate and interact with patients.”

“I know now how to communicate.”

“The guards and our company hugely benefitted from the skills they were taught and this can only bode well for Victoria Hospital as an institution and for all its staff and clients as a whole. We intend continuing with Dr Venn’s training course to ensure that all the guards are properly trained and undergo regular refresher training to hone their skills.” – Mr Bashier Knoll, STAR Security Services