Training outline

  • Intro to de-escalation*
  • Interpersonal basics
  • Respect, rights & cultural safety
  • Understanding aggression
  • Foundations for containing aggression
  • Managing the aggressive client
  • Restrictive interventions & practices*
  • Break-away techniques
  • Practical demonstration
  • Self-care & professional ethics


Interpersonal technique to promote safety & prevent violence in the least restrictive and most respectful manner, enabling mutual self-control in a crisis

*Restrictive interventions:

Manual containment, Seclusion, Physical restraints, Rapid tranquilisation

Training logistics

  • Presented in English
  • One-day interactive contact session
  • Supporting material available in Afrikaans and isiXhosa
  • Minimum 10 & maximum 20 participants per group
  • Follow-up site visits and support per arrangement
  • Venue arranged per course
  • Refreshments arranged on request
  • Certificates awarded
  • 6 x Continuing Education Units (CEU/CPD)

Each site, and each service group, presents with a unique set of requirements/areas that may have been identified for improvement. There is flexibility to adapt and engage in order to meet the specific needs of a site or group of participants.